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This month we are interviewing our member Meredith. Meredith is an awesome chick who can be found with two needles in her hands and two babies on her hips! As a knitter and mother of twin girls, Kennedy and Corinne, Meredith is passionate about finding time in her daily life to create.

Her latest projects? A double knit sci fi ‘geek-a-long’ afghan for her husband via http://lattesandllamas.com, matching blankets for her daughters and casting on an afghan for herself. We conducted our interview on a busy Sunday morning while feeding babies, making funny faces to keep said babies happy and ensuring her puppy Axel did not feel neglected. In the midst of the morning chaos we learned what keeps this creative chick motivated, inspired and creating memories and love for her family all while preserving her sanity with yards of wool and cotton.


How has motherhood changed the way you create?
Motherhood has changed the things I create. Prior to the birth of my twins I worked with high school students using construction paper, making homecoming decorations, and used a lot of paints. Now that I am at home with my twins I have had to explore other creative outlets to fit with our new lifestyle.


How did knitting become your creative passion?
I was watching a youtube video on a random baby topic when my twin girls were around three months. As I watched the video I saw in the sidebar a how to video on knitting a baby bonnet. I was intrigued. I went to Michaels and spent a few dollars on yarn and tried to make it. It was not a huge success in terms of the practicality. I had to do this really complicated purl stitch. When I asked for help I even misspelled the word ‘purl’ (a stitch used in knitting) as ‘pearl’. I ended up finishing it with an alternative stitch.  It was a little oddly shaped, but I finished it. After I completed my first item I felt proud at my ability to create something my girls could use.  I kept practicing, learned how to correctly do the ‘pearl’ stitch, and knew I had found a true passion.


What would be your biggest creative struggle?
Time is my biggest struggle. I try to devote at least a few minutes a day to knitting a few stitches. Sometimes I am successful and sometime I am not. I would spend hours everyday knitting if I could. While hours of knitting are not a possibility right now, even the little bit of time I get to knit each day makes me feel so at peace and stress free; ready to tackle the next problem my twins create. The few minutes of knitting I do each day help me eliminate stress and helps me create a “can do” attitude.


What part of you would you say your creativity feeds?
I am a very motivated person. I enjoy being busy and I enjoy having projects that I can work on. I’ve never felt comfortable having a free schedule or down time. I like filling my time with activities that can better me as a person.


If you were never allowed to create again how do you think you might change?
I would definitely be more stressed.


Have others commented on how creativity impacts you as an individual?

Yes, my husband has noticed how much less stressed I have been since having knitting as an outlet. I personally feel like I have seen the difference from having that little bit of a time a day to devote to myself to create. It makes me happy to take raw materials and and turn them into items that people I care about will enjoy.

“I personally feel like I have seen the difference from having that little bit of a time a day to devote to myself to create. It makes me happy to take raw materials and and turn them into items that people I care about will enjoy.”


What emotions would you ascribe to yourself while creating?
Joy and happiness. I almost want to call it carefree, because I am like whatever happens, happens, I am just happy to be doing it!


How are you inspired?
I am most inspired by seeing what other ladies in our creative chicks group are doing. When I see them working on something and their positive attitude it makes me think I can do that to. It really inspires me to try new things.


Where do you find yourself creating?
Well, (Meredith had a good laugh here!) Before I started this craft I envisioned someone knitting in front of a window on a chaise lounge with sunlight shining on them. A warm cup of tea would be close by.  For me, I knit during the few minutes I have between meeting the needs of the twins. I usually knit while sitting on the floor surrounded by toys or while sitting on our couch with baby giggles as my background soundtrack.  Ninety percent of the time I am knitting while wearing sweats and sporting some messy hair.  A stark contrast to how I previously pictured knitting.

Twin Knitted Baby Blankets

How does your creativity affect you as a mom, as a woman?
I left a job where I was a workaholic and transitioned to be a stay at home mom.  I definitely felt a gap created by the two different lifestyles.  I went from planning events for 1000+ people, to the daily work of a mom where I don’t necessarily see an immediate result instead just working on tasks to get us from one day to the next. Knitting helps give me a creative outlet where I can see a more immediate results, it bridges the gap. At the end of a finished project I feel happy and content. My happiness and stress free life has a positive result on my family and the people closest to me.


Do you think you have to have a special talent in order to create?
No.  Not at all.  In the matter of a few months I went from never even holding a pair of knitting needles to making king size blankets.  My talent was learned through youtube videos, books, and the support of other women who knit.


How do you hope your creativity influence your children?
I hope that they one day will take an interest in knitting, and if not knitting they will find a creative outlet that they enjoy where we can spend time as a family.


What do you want people to take away from what you create?
I would want them to see not just a knitted item but the time, love and dedication that is put into each item.


Any words of wisdom for other creative chicks with babes looking to create?
Go for it!  Don’t second guess yourself or be worried you will not have enough time to put into learning a new talent.  Take the leap and try your hand at many projects!
Thank you Meredith for taking the time to give us such a great interview! You can visit with Meredith as part of the CCWB Metro D.C. area chapter local events.


As the daughter of an artist who ran her own creative business Katie can remember almost every childhood lesson being linked to the art of creating. Prior to giving birth to her first child she practiced as an information technology/cyber security professional in the midwest and later and Europe. With over 20+ years of experience in sewing, knitting, scrapbooking and mixed media Katie loves to combine art, travel and technology to tell stories. As a newbie to the NOVA area Katie is quickly learning to love all the wonderful things the area offers.

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