Old Town Alexandria Craft Walk

fiber space Old Town Alexandria Craft Walk Make n Take First Annual 2016.

Last Saturday, Old Town Alexandria held the First Annual Old Town Craft Walk. The event hosted by a local yarn shop, fibre space™The Potomac Bead Company and Stitch Sew Shop, a recent addition to make the Old Town Alexandria crafting trifecta complete. The event included make and takes for each shop, refreshments and the opportunity to win a grand prize from each store. Did you know that the owners of both fibre space™ and Stitch Sew Shop have toddlers? We of course had to support our local stores and made a visit.

Stitch Sew Shop Old Town Alexandria

My 20 month old daughter and I started the morning with a visit to Killer ESP. I seriously love this place. Between the pies, coffee and gelato there is not much that you cannot love. This morning we stated with a mint iced tea to share and headed to our first stop at Stitch Sew Shop.

Stitch Sew Shop

Stitch Sew Shop Old Town Craft Walk Make n Take

Stitch Sew Shop Embroidery

This shop is so cute! My daughter and I completed the make n take covered button magnet together, she was very interested in the tools and the lending library available to customers. She also loved this blue chair…though as often with toddlers love does not last for more than a few minutes so we made our purchases and headed to fibre space™.


Did you know that fibre space™  provides a little toy area in the back of the shop near the books and class tables? My daughter loves to choose a toy to play with and our visit for the Old Town Craft Walk was no different. We quickly made our make n take tassel and browsed through the book selection at the store. Did you know that fiber space even carries knitting story books for your little babes?

fiber space with a toddler and toys

fiber space with a toddler

The store that required the most patience, but was my daughter’s favorite was the Potomac Bead Company. She has only recently begun to identify her colors and blue is her favorite shade. We of course picked a bright pretty collection which quickly turned into a crazy string of mis-matched beads. The perfectionist in me watched the other crafters creating beautiful bracelets in a dizzying array of perfectly strung colors. It was frustrating to watch my daughter hand me beads in a different order than I had planned, or cringe in embarrassment as the sound of falling beads frequently hit the floor. However, Charlotte loved it. She loved the blue beads and the large bright yellow ones and the first time she successfully strung a bead her face beamed. Yes it was hard to let go of my own creative concept that a pretty bracelet needed to be perfect and that an order that was different than I had planned did not make it the wrong way for her to complete the bracelet.  It also took a LONG time, much longer than if I had gone alone but Charlotte loves her bracelet. She also learned a new word, beads.

The Potomac Bead Company

Yarn Bomb Old Town Alexandria Virginia

Taking a 20 month old to the Old Town Craft Walk was at some times during the morning difficult. Looking back I would not buy a large ice tea at Killer ESP and a awkward size roll of Swedish Tracing Paper to carry while pushing a stroller and wrangling a toddler! But the shops are very close together, and we still had a great time together. If at the end of the walk I felt a little more tired than I am after a typical morning of play time it was worth it to build a special memory for me, and for my daughter an emotive memory of time spent together, playing with colors and pride at the things she had created. So all in all a happy successful morning. Many thanks to fibre space™The Potomac Bead Company and Stitch Sew Shop. Charlotte and I are looking forward to more turquoise chairs, toys and beads next year!


As the daughter of an artist who ran her own creative business Katie can remember almost every childhood lesson being linked to the art of creating. Prior to giving birth to her first child she practiced as an information technology/cyber security professional in the midwest and later and Europe. With over 20+ years of experience in sewing, knitting, scrapbooking and mixed media Katie loves to combine art, travel and technology to tell stories. As a newbie to the NOVA area Katie is quickly learning to love all the wonderful things the area offers.

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