neighborhood walking

Toddler Neighborhood Walk
My daughter and I go out walking every day. We usually walk up the block, a few times, and then chase the squirrels and any neighborhood dogs. We have met so many neighbors with the beautiful weather, and my babe’s quick smile is a great way to get our neighbors to practice waving. When she brings me her shoes, we gear up and head outdoors. She loves to carry sticks and twigs, and the house rule of “no sticks inside the house” is quickly becoming the least favorite rule we have.
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2015 NoVA Farmers Markets

NoVA Farmers Market

We are so fortunate to live in an area where markets are plentiful during the summer. I visit the Burke market (Saturdays) frequently. The Burke market has bakeries, produce stands, butchers, florists, a salsa vendor, a couple cheese vendors, and last year there was even a while-you-wait ice cream vendor. The Reston market also has had an artisan section with clothes, bags, jewelry, and other assorted items. Please share your favorite part of the market near you in the comments!

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