2016 Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show

The 2016 Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show was, as in years past, a great success! Highlights from this year included a National Parks special exhibit representing over 177 quilts inspired by National Parks across the U.S.A., the self portrait quilts and the many vendors offering everything from custom batiks to purse making supplies and vintage trims.

Held at the Dulles Convention Center the Quilters Unlimited show is a great venue to explore the world of textile art. When we hear the word, ‘quilt’ many of us think of a warm blanket, given as a gift or passed down as a family heirloom. What we often forget is that many works of art have been created in addition to quilts, using the quilting medium. 

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The Renwick Gallery

Renwick Gallery with Toddler

I am taking classes with the University of Texas – Arlington (UTA) to finish my bachelor’s in the science of nursing (BSN). I have just nine classes left – woo hoo! And will be finished by the end of the year. One of those classes was art appreciation and the final paper was to visit a gallery to see an original piece of art. I looked up a few exhibits at various museums (there are so many to choose from!) and decided on the Renwick Gallery’s Wonder exhibit. I had heard it was good for kids. So I packed my two year old daughter into her stroller along with a bunch of snacks and set out on the Metro for downtown DC.

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