About Us

“We are a mom-focused place. We are artists, writers, creators; all of us imperfect and learning. Our community¬†is about nurturing our creative selves and maintaining our personal identity while caring for and learning about our new, tiny humans. We are¬†committed to helping our moms find friendship, offer opportunities to create (art, journaling, writing, cooking, dance, quilting, and more), and provide a safe place to be real and talk about motherhood and life.”

We strive to meet our mission through our member events, the relationships we are building in our community, and now, through this blog. Here you will find a lot of the information that is shared between the moms in our Northern Virginia chapter. You will meet the amazing women who balance family, work, and creativity. We hope that whatever stage you are in life you are able to grow, learn and expand your creativity as woman and as a mom.

Stacy Iest Tsu Cut n Sew Doll Night
Creative Chicks at the Stacy Iest Tsu cut-n-sew event.

What our members have to say about Creative Chicks with Babes:

“A few months after my daughter was born I was ready to join the world again. I had left a career teaching Art to stay at home with my baby and had no regrets but I also had almost no creative stimulation. I was looking for like-minded moms to inspire and encourage me in this new phase of my life and found NOVA Creative Chicks with Babes.” – Jacinda